Our Approach

At Oasis Recovery, we believe that the process of healing from addictions takes time, a supportive environment, and lots of opportunities to take positive action, whether that be work, rest, service, recovery meetings, or attending to hobbies and activities for personal betterment.

Deciding on a transitional living environment is a solid choice to allow yourself the necessary time to get reacquainted with living free of drugs and alcohol, with all the challenges and blessings being clean and sober offers. within 12 step communities at large, it is suggested to change everything. By changing everything, you can immerse yourself in a new way of life, so that the triggers that perpetuate habitual, addictive responses to life, might be lessened and new patterns of thought and action can be solidified.

The Oasis Recovery house at 5 Moss Lane offers a comforting backdrop for the healing work to begin or continue to progress, depending on where you are in your recovery process. The spacious home, privately located, minutes from all south Asheville has to offer, has been lovingly updated to create a comfortable home for supporting this process of healing. The property boasts numerous perennial gardens that offer gorgeous color & scents throughout warm months and a large deck to view a private fenced back yard.

We believe easy does it. Putting down addictions and learning a new way of life is hard enough. Oasis Recovery works to assist clients to find more ease in this process, not just through the physical space we provide but in the support and guidance we offer through requirements of the house that lead to greater accountability and healthier choices. Requirements include: finding a job, going to recovery meetings, participating in the Recovery House community, and routine drug testing. By being in an environment where some basic structure and routine is mandatory, you can feel safe and free to focus on the healing of body, mind, and spirit, while continuing to find your place in a community of like-minded individuals.