Mens Sober Living and Addiction Center in

Arden & Candler, NC

Oasis Recovery is a men's sober living home in beautiful Arden & Candler, NC fifteen minutes from downtown Asheville. We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for men recovering from addiction and alcoholism. Through assisting men in learning how to face stressors and life's difficulties, we aim to accompany them in re-discovering their ambition and sense of purpose, throughout their process of recovery.

Oasis Recovery has been designed as a launching pad for future success. We employ a 4 part system to strengthen coping skills and facilitate the practical application of these life skills. We believe that a balance in these four areas of: body, mind, spirit, and community will provide a foundation for lasting recovery and continued freedom from addiction.

Emerging into the world of a diverse community of personalities, belief systems, and varying degrees of dysfunction, can be a daunting task.


Addiction is a lonely and isolated state. With the support of the Oasis family, addicts can feel reassured that they are not alone in this process. Fellow house mates work together to find opportunities for connection and service. They offer support for the struggles that come with learning a new way of life. Not only do clients find solace in the comforts of the community at the house, but they can begin to find their place in the larger Asheville community, which we have found to be a welcoming community for those seeking recovery.

The Oasis Recovery Process

3 Different Areas of Focus

We specialize in providing a safe, supportive environment for optimal wellness and Recovery in Body, Mind, Spirit, and Community participation



The abuse of the human body is easily seen when an addict is in active addiction. It takes time and a growing self awareness to mend the damage. Oasis Recovery is situated in the healing atmosphere of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with lots of opportunities for exercising the body, and beginning the return to your physical senses. We have a shared kitchen where rediscovered nutrition and knowledge of self-care can be learned and passed around, as clients become more aware of their physical needs. Working out is encouraged, and there is plenty of space to spread out and find your center.



It is imperative to attend to the mind, in the process of healing and recovery. It can either be used in service and as an aid to recovery, or influenced negatively in an addicts downfall. At Oasis Recovery, we work to create an atmosphere of positive intention, working to create opportunities for connection and action for clients. We believe that when thinking your way into right action is thwarted by a healing mind, you can act your way into right thinking. By surrounding yourself with those on a path of positive thought and action, you can further the process of solidifying positive habits both in actions, as well thought process.



At Oasis Recovery we believe addiction is a spiritual malady. While taking away the substances is the first step, thoroughly attending to the spiritual root of the disease, is imperative for lasting recovery. Clients are required to attend 12 step meetings, and are encouraged to follow the suggestions of this healing modality- through finding a sponsor, a home group, and working through the 12 steps to the best of their ability. The house manager can offer experience, strength, and hope to assist clients with this process, and is a resource for thorough fulfillment of these suggestions.